Friday, 30 September 2011

B is for "Been only a day and I'm already struggling."

Hey everybody! Today is day two of my ABCs of me challenge...and I'll be honest, I should probably have read through the challenge before I took it up.

Because of all the riveting, exciting options for the letter B...well, it's bed size.


Who cares?!

Um...I have a single bed. And whilst I could probably spin this out into some kind of discourse on the benefits and drawbacks of being a singleton...yeah, that would be boring.

In other news


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Jenna said...

Yeah, that is a pretty random question.
...Invited to what?
YES YES PLEASE WRITE FOR MY WEBSITE!! You don't have to write much... I'm still trying to get the structure of the site figured out... I shall contact you when I get my thoughts together!!!!!