Sunday, 2 October 2011

D is for DFTBA!

Happy Sunday everybody! Sunday, like Saturday, is currently a full working day for me...bleurgh. And today we were a ridiculous THREE staff down (out of six) on the second busiest day of the week. So we didn't get our breaks properly and I'm kind of ill anyway and essentially...yech, shitty day.

HOWEVER tomorrow is my last ever shift at Tesco! Unless I can get a few shifts over Christmas. But hurrah, freedom!

Goodbye, £7 an hour! *laments* I'm officially a poor student now.

Anyway, what day are we on? D which according to The List of Power is dogs. 

Oh look here's another gpoy of my dog, hoorah.
For the first 16.5 years of my life, I was actually really scared of dogs. Like, "see a dog, cross the street and try not to scream" levels of scared. Admittedly towards the end I was better: I'd be okay with a dog in the same room as me as long as there was someone close by to stop it attacking me in a sudden wild rage. Or something.

But then something really illogical happened: my parents bought home a little, yappy, insane, bitey bundle of dog called Dusty. And even though there were always scratches on my hands where I'd let her chew me, and even though wearing tights around the house was a no-no for the first month or so because she'd rip them to shreds, I wasn't scared of her.

Why? Because the reason I was scared of dogs before was because I couldn't work out how they thought and thus I was constantly scared of what they'd do next. Now that I have a dog, I get what they think! Which is mostly food, food, food.

So there ya go.

D for Dogs.

Emma x

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