Saturday, 17 September 2011

So where the bloody hell have you been?


Well, no, that is untrue. For the last week, however, I've been away on work experience at the publishers Harper Collins in LANDAN...and whilst I've had internet access I've been knackered and gone to bed at like half 9 every night, so there ya go :)

Seriously the least overwhelming angle of their lobby. It was MASSIVE. 
Here is a general bullet pointed list of my stay:

  • London transport is brilliant. If you're a Londoner who doesn't agree, I suggest you try getting around Birmingham. I LOVE THE TUBE.
  • The place I was working in was so big that it had SQUASH COURTS in the basement.
  • I went to the Harper Awards (not particularly exciting) but Fern Britton was hosting! That was pretty cool.

  • I bought loads of books from the staff bookstore at a bargain 25p each! Brand new! I nearly cried with happiness. Although I had to limit myself to 8 because of carrying it all to the station...but I still bagged Looking for Alaska and the third volume of A Song of Ice and Fire so I'm pretty chuffed with myself :) that's about it! Except you should probably all go follow my friend Heather @ Love-Laugh-Read
because she's cool.

Okay, that's about it. I'll check in sooner next time :)

Emma x


Aoife. said...

I am ridiculously jealous of your 25p book shop perk. Actually, and just doing work experience in Harper Collins. And working in London! I am jealous of your life.

Oh, and Looking for Alaska is brilliant. Hope you enjoy it :)

Amyrose♥Forder said...

25p? Gah, I wish all books cost that amount.

I have been wanting to read Looking For Alaska for agessss. Do let me know if it's as good as everyone says.

Jenna said...

You get books insanely cheap. And you work in London. At Harper Collins. Where there are squash courts in the basement. PLEASE TRADE LIVES WITH ME.