Friday, 18 March 2011


So yesterday I saw The Script for the first time...I'd certainly never seen them before. And. It. Was. Incredible.
It started off okay: the warm-up act was Clare Maguire, who's a Solihull girl like me and who also has a serious set of lungs on her...she's a bit of an acquired taste but I actually really love her so that's cool.

She sang a bunch of songs...and then it was time for the moment we'd all been waiting for. THE SCRIPT YEAHHHHH.

It was all down to the crowd really. We were mega, mega, mega excited, and there were a lot of big fans in the audience. For me, there were two highlights. The first was The Man Who Can't Be Moved. We sang the whole first verse word-for-word, acapella, in time, 16,000 people in perfect unison. And at the end, Danny was so overwhelmed that he just sat down on the stage, took out his earpieces and just listened to us as we screamed and cheered and clapped for just ages. Such an epic moment.

There's a video below that may or may not be of that...I haven't watched it because I'm watching Comic Relief but hopefully it's what I think it is!

My second highlight was a little bit more personal: the song For The First Time. I'm going to be honest, guys, I got a leeeeeetle bit of a tear at this one, because of these lines:

Drinking old cheap bottles of wine,
Sit talking up all night,
Doing things we haven't for a while,
We're smiling though we're close to tears,
Even after all these years,

And it goes on to do the rest but that's irrelevant, because it's that bit that gets me. Because it reminds me of my lovely friends and all the cheap wine we drink, and how sometimes we cry when we're drunk, and after all these years, we're still BFFLS BOI YEA.

(This is awkward because they read this blog now.)

Anyway, it was an epic epic concert. And I screamed myself hoarse. And it was really good. I mean really, The Script on St Patrick's Day. Could there be anything better?

I'm going to end with the words of Mark the bald guitarist (who apparently is all mine seeing as Danny does nothing for me):

"This is our third gig on this tour, and I honestly think nothing is going to top this." 

(I've paraphrased. But ya know.)

Ladies and gentleman, this has been a post. GOODNIGHT.

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ching said...

oh im so jealous now. THE SCRIPT!!! wowza!