Friday, 18 September 2009

Paper Round.

I don't actually *have* a paper round. My little sister does, but she's laaazy so sometimes (me being the best sister in the universe) I do it for her, and I enjoy it immensely. Because I just trundle around with my earphones in and my papers in my little fluoro cart, taking in the delights of early evening Solihull and people watching.

The best thing is, when I open the porch doors to drop the papers, I catch little sniffs of the house inside. So I can tell if old people live there because they smell *old*
And I can tell if someone's having curry for tea, or beefburgers, or bacon, and me being nosy as I totally love that.
Sometimes you see that everyone takes off their shoes before they go inside, so you know they're cleanliness freaks, and they're all wearing sandals so they're all total squares.
And there's the little labrador statue with a Birmingham City FC knitted hat on so you know they love dogs and football.

It's just nice to get little insights into other people's lives :) Sort of knowing that other people are all having lives, and these little serendipitous moments where we all cross over are so...interesting. Which is why when I'm a student I will spend ALL my free time sitting in a caff, watching people walk past and eating pasta.


Emma x

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