Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Coming Back Down With A Bump

So...unless you're Australian or extremely unlucky, you like me are still on holiday. Yes, despite the fact that it's tipping down with rain outside, I'm still clinging to what's left of my free time. Unfortunately life seems to have other ideas. My stress levels are tippity top right now, and here's why.

MONEY (immediate)

At the moment, I have no money. At all. In fact, I have exactly £1.10 to my name and I've still got a vast amount of my sixth form wardrobe to buy, including a black skirt, 3 more tops, a pair of shoes plus stationary, and preferably a new school back. Plus the ridiculous amount of September babies I've got to buy presents for.
My £1.10 won't even stretch to lunch.

MONEY (future)

Because you see, there's a History/Politics trip to America next year, and it's going to cost a minimum of £800. Probably £1000. Meaning that according to my mom, I'm going to have to 'put in' if I want to go. So I've been job hunting.

Number of CVs handed out so far: 10
Interviews gained: 2
Jobs recieved : 0.

Needless to say, the job hunt is not going well. I'm still waiting to hear on one of them, but if I don't that means looking for more vacancies, writing endless application forms, and INTERVIEWS.
I hate interviews.
Today, the interviewer asked me why he should hire me for the job I was going for. You know what I answered? "Uh...I'm a nice person?"
Whilst I am undeniably excellent (:P) at writing stuff down and creating a kickass CV (believe me, it kicks major butt) I SUCK at saying it out loud! Why must I be so failful?


Yeah, sixth form will be fun. Yes, I will rule the school. But it will also suck because: Y13 rule the common room this year. Which sucks for us lowly Y12s. I have to share a common room with the rest of Y12, who I don't like. Apparently the boys' school common room smells bad, and that's where the pool table and the vending machines are. School means more homework, A levels, getting up regularly and bottom line ALL WILL BE BORING.


I'll find something happy and/or funny to tell you guys eventually.

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