Thursday, 5 January 2012

Media platforms...and THE SPACE AGE

This is a post I drafted a few months ago, but I like it!

I woke up this morning (with a banging headache) to a text from my friend Jo: "ONE WEEK!" she said. "WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU UP AT THIS GODFORSAKEN HOUR," I replied, with remarkable courtesy given that it was half past 8 in the morning and I'd finally stumbled into bed about 3 hours before.
A few hours later, I recieved a text from my mother: "Want to skype later?"
In between those hours, I'd facebooked a uni friend (who lives a literal 30 second walk away), Tweeted my sister, had a debate about American politics and Harry Potter on my all-time favourite Facebook group and reblogged a ton of pictures on my tumblr...which just hours before had informed me of the second Virginia Tech incident as it was happening.

And now I'm blogging about it, using rudimentary HTML I learnt in my neopets days.

So what exactly am I getting at, here? Something along the lines of this...the internet springs to life beneath our finger tips, according exactly to our need. That's the beautiful thing: it's organic, it moves according to supply and demand; I sort of optimistically hope that within 10 years or so the clunky bits of accessibility and download times will be smoothed out and then...well, I think we'll be living in the cyber age.


Happy 2012, everyone!

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