Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Fun fact: I literally am obsessed with this song at the moment. It is BEAUTIFUL.

That's sort of irrelevant to this blog, but you can listen while you read anyway, because like I say. It's a really good song. I'm going to try and listen to more new music this year: life's been so busy for a while that it's time I picked up the ball again. Because music is my inspiration, particularly when it comes to me writing.

Writing, writing, writing. It's literally 50% of my personality. I wrote my first story when I was 9, okay, but I feel a little bit like it was just a step up from the many, many imaginary friends I used to have. And I never really stopped. I'm not trying to say that my writing, my stories are anything special, far from it! I could never make a living with the unfinished, unpolished things that I write, it's just...well, it's for me, and it always has been. Someday I like to think I'll finish something publishable, obviously. But that is *so* not why I write, at all. I write because there are people in my head (in a non-schizo way) and stories in my head that I can put on to the page. And when I finally succeed in sketching someone in words, it feels amazing, more than I can say.

When I'm at uni, though, there's so little privacy and so much going on that my stories don't creep into my head nearly as often. It's not something I did intentionally, but since getting home...God, I write so much MORE!

Watch this one now!

Anyway, where was I going with this? Rhetorical question. Essentially, I don't talk about writing very often in this blog, so I thought I ought to mention it. Because it's one of the most important things in my life. Maybe even the most, if I think about it. What else has been more constant?

(And in case you were wondering...I'm an occasional blogger now. Just when thoughts. Have a nice day!)

Emma x

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