Thursday, 23 June 2011

Takes Romione and turns it into a rant.

Let me start off this post by saying I ship Ron and Hermione as much as the next person. MORE IN FACT, I worship the ground Romione walks on; it was probably my first ever OTP...and it still is my OTP. So there ya go. I don't want anybody to hate me for what I say next.

One of my favourite pieces of fanart ever. I lost the credit some time ago though :(

Don't you think it's a little bit...sad, that the part of the Deathly Hallows people are most excited about is the Romione kiss?

No, okay, that's fine. I'm okay with that. It's more that people don't want the Romione kiss spoiled for them, and I mean really don't want it spoiled. In the trailers, we saw Harry being killed, that heart-wrenching scene with the resurrection stone, Fred dead; essentially all the most important parts of the book for me, but no-one particularly kicks up a fuss, whereas if WB dared to reveal even a hint of "The Kiss" there would be UPROAR. Riots in the street. Organised book burnings. Sacrifices to the devil. Probably (and stop me if I'm exaggerating) the downright end of the world.

Fangirls gone wild.
Let me clarify, I truly have no beef with people anticipating The Kiss. I can't wait for it. I just think it's very sad that in a series of complex, intricate, well-written, action-filled novels that feature plotlines that are nearly entirely unrelated to romance, the thing we care about the most is a kiss.

A kiss.

Maybe it's a comment on society that, at the end of the day, what we're interested in the most is the romance, the love. You see it in the vast swathes of fandoms on the internet - they're all concerned mostly with ships. I know that's over-simplifying, but I do think it's true. Whilst we appreciate beautiful writing and fabulous characters, it's the relationships between characters that is the most...not interesting, exactly; maybe intriguing. The most intriguing for us. A good ship is what reels us in. Let's make that even more abstract: what kind of primeval instinct does romance...or even anti-romance (Dramione shippers, I'm looking at you) appeal to? Is it just the internal need to love and be loved?
Okay cool, that's far too deep and I sound like an extra from Moulin Rouge so I leave you with this profound thought: DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 IS RELEASED IN APPROX 3 WEEKS DEPENDING ON YOUR EXACT LOCATION WOOOOOP :D

(Also, I'm really sorry if you aren't a Harry Potter fan and you're following me. At the moment, it's all you're getting. The hype is too great for me to ignore I'm afraid :P)


Jen said...

I so agree with you!! Harry Potter is just like, wow, like really really wow in its complexity, subtext, everything really, and the main thing people are excited for is The Kiss. But I guess that's the reason why crap like Twilight is so popular (sorry if your a Twilight fan!!).
But man I'm so excited for the movie to come out!! I'm a little disappointed though, I wish it came out a day earlier because I'm going to be in London the day before it comes out and I'm leaving when it premiers, and I'd love to see it there!!

Heather said...

Emma, firstly may I sound like a fool and ask what OTP means?

Secondly I agree with everything youw wrote :P and you made me laugh so much!

Thirdly you have such goood writing style it's depressing me, all fancy words and punctuation and good tone and shizz,I don't bother with any of that but now I'm thinking I should.

and lastly eeeeeekk Harry Potter, i'm crazy excited :D :D :D :D :D :D