Friday, 22 October 2010

Well I haven't done anything in a while, have I?

So I'll fill in the blanks, because it's been a while. Cheers Lauren!

1.   I am: generally a nice person, a dreamer, and a bit of a dope to be honest :)
2.  I wish: I wasn't so prickly. I can be very prickly, mostly through shyness and confusion over what's socially appropriate, and that makes people think I'm standoffish. I'm working on it though. 
3.  I like: YOU. Also cheekbones, hair dye, old books, men's clothes, falling asleep, quoting Harry Potter in every day conversation, maps, curly hair, decorating my room and feeling artistique, Merlin, Spooks, Gossip Girl, Dr Who, Torchwood, bed, dressing gowns, shopping...lots of things, really :)
4.  I can  hardly wait 'til: Half term! More specifically, BNTM live this Sunday. It's gonna be EPIC. Me and my sister are schlepping down to London for a day of frolics and fun :D
5.  I hope: that I'm gonna be happy in life. There's so much of my life ahead of me and soooo  many opportunities to screw it up but yeah...I don't want to. So hope-sy hoping. I guess it's in my hands anyway, which is good.
6.  I think: too much. See question 2.
7.  I was: and am and always will be.


Seriously, though, haven't I been lax about keeping you up to date this week? 
As a side note, my parents just burst into an Italian-type song in perfect discord and it's ridiculous.
I've been trying to get to bed earlier, that's why. It shows how old I'm getting really; I used to not go to bed until 2am and still spring out at 7 the next morning with only a little reluctance. Whereas now, the sleepiness and the general fatigue just sticks with me. 
SO, now I go to bed at like half 10. Which, when you're dancing till half 8, leaves me very little time. And somehow this blog is what's suffered, which is very sad. Apols, ladies, I'll be back to full functionality over the next week!

Emma x

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monica said...

i like hair dye too...too much probably!!