Friday, 15 October 2010

Okay, I need to rant.

I'm sorry in advance, because this is likely to be one of my incoherent, fuck-the-universe type rants.


I don't even care that it limits the amount of people who do a degree. I understand, I do, that the value of a degree  has devalued and there's a shocking ratio of graduates:graduate career paths. But do you not see what you're doing? Effectively, the poor will no longer be able to afford an education, at least not without risking massive debt in the future (something those accustomed to being in debt will want to avoid.) So the poor don't get an education (or get a poor one at a less expensive university), aren't qualified for graduate jobs and remain poor, whilst the rich can afford to go to the best universities in the country and yeah...get richer.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, in what universe is that fair?

Can I just point out that the generation of students this will affect have yet to earn a paypacket, let alone claim benefits or waste money or anything. In no way could the deficit ever be their fault.
Can I also point out that clever people often spring up from poor backgrounds. Yes, those who can afford a private education often do better but so too do children from strong working class backgrounds who've striven AGAINST THE ODDS to get good grades. My parents couldn't afford private education, but if I can just take a minute to show you my academic record...12A*s at GCSE, 3 AS levels and one A2 level (all at A grade) and yeah, I'm predicted 2A* and an A. But if the fee change affected me (thank god it doesn't) I genuinely would be struggling with uni fees next year.
In fact I wouldn't go, as a matter of principal.

What angers me the most is that it's all basically a cover for government cuts. In essence, the government wants to cut funding to higher education because of the massive fucking deficit that wasn't even my FOURTEEN YEAR OLD SISTER'S FAULT. And I know the cuts have to come somewhere, but why there? Surely there's a way of making cuts that is fair to everyone, that doesn't prioritise the rich and fuck up the poor for generations to come.
Just a theory.

Emma x

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