Friday, 3 July 2009

The Little Things

I love my local Indian restaurant, Indian Dream, for many reasons. It's a short walk from my house, for example. The food tastes great and the staff are lovely (although the staff:customer ratio is enormous and there's always about 6 waiters fussing around your table)

But what really makes my Indian Dream experience so awesome is the added extras you get after your meal.

As you've probably guessed by the pic, orange slices is (are?) one of them, about half an orange per person. Apparently it cleanses your palate in preparation for dessert.
After the oranges you're provided with a warm flannel to wipe your hands on...I'm not sure how vulgar it is considered to wipe your mouth with it too, but I do so heigh-ho :)
Then you get after-eights with the bill. I LOVE AFTER EIGHTS. There's usually one each but if I take my adorable little sister we get a few extra ;)
And finally, the complimentary alcohol. For some reason, men get brandy and women get Baileys, which is funny because my Dad can't stand brandy, but he drinks it anyway so he looks manly.
And the waiter people are nice, because they give me Baileys too. I think they know I'm underage, but its nice of them to treat me like an adult. Also, Baileys tastes really, really good.

I think they know our names by now, we order for takeout and go in to eat so often. But y'know, we just don't mind paying the bill so much when they give us little treats to keep us sweet.
Bless them, every one.


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