Thursday, 16 July 2009

Ah, Harry.

So yea, I've finally got round to watching Harry Potter 6.
As an avid (and I do mean avid) fan of the series, I was always gonna be disappointed. Wasn't awful though, was it? Better than some of the atrocities we've been served.
In general, I thought Tom Felton was ACE as Draco Malfoy. The only character I actually sympathised with throughout.
But there was one bit of Malfoy-ness that had me choking with laughter, and you need some background here.
I read alot of fanfics.
Alot of fanfics are slash.
Alot of slash is Draco/Snape.
Thus, Draco/Snape is inherent in my mind.
So Snape with Malfoy against a wall, with Draco shouting "I don't need protection!" had me rofling.

Luna's lines were all hilarious, of course, she made me laugh veryvery hard too.

What else made me giggle?
Oh yes, Ron under the influence of the love potion, and Harry all felix'ed up. Yes, they were funny.

Another highlight:

Mmm :)
And I don't mean Slughorn either.In the last 3 films, I've really hated Michael Gambon as Dumbledore. He was OH SO ANGRY. But he grew on me this film, was more soft and Dumby-ish. Which is good. Shame they killed him off as soon as I started to like him.
Most AWKWARD relationship ever.
Let me put you straight: as actors, I think neither Daniel Radcliffe or Bonnie Wright looked particularly comfortable in their roles. Daniel Radcliffe never has, and I just don't think they FITTED on screen.
Also, Daniel Radcliffe is SHORT.
And tying his shoelaces? wtf?
Ginny hiding the's that going to work for book 7. I trust they've got a wiggle in mind that makes more uncomfortable Harry/Ginny stuffs, like they have to involve her in the battle or something.

WHERE was all my lovely Neville goodness?! He had like one line!!

I think I'm in the minority here, but I really don't like Emma Watson as Hermione. She only seems to have one expression "OMG end of the world! I'm heartbroken" even when her situation isn't that bad.
Despite her limited acting ability, I like the girl herself. She's clever, (Ivy league for uni!) beautiful, rich, funny...gosh I'm jealous.
OH and I loved how her hair was more bushy this time round!
And the her and Ron thing was handled well I feel.

Soo...I guess that's it. But I'm going to be seeing it again tomorrow, so prepare for more. But overall, thus far, I liked it.

Emma x

PS: Ron's hat was awesome.

OTHER PS: I swear Katie Bell is the year above Harry :S

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Lilyput said...

Agreed. The Ginnie/Harry = forced. There was NOTHING of it in the last film, then suddenly, it's like full on air sex!
And his lips are like...5cms long!

Yum yum yum, and I'm not talking about Slughorn either.