Friday, 5 June 2009

Minor Rant

Well, I've just finished reading a Flash sequence from the point of view of a religious person. And seeing as the feedback form was completely is my response.

In essence, the entire 'booklet' had one main message - "Put your Trust in Jesus." It emphasised that we are all sinners and that praying won't help, living a good life won't help because we've 'all sinned at some point' so we are essentially condemned, all you can do is put your trust in Jesus. So here's my question?

How exactly does one put one's trust in Jesus?

Do you send out a little message - "Hey God, just to let you know I'm trusting Jesus now. Thanks a bunch, Jeff."
Is there an official process for declaring one's trust?
Or what, you lose your family in an earthquake and you just believe Jesus has let's trust Jesus that this was the right course!

More dangerously, the article emphasised putting trust only in Jesus. It advocates NOT putting your trust in Doctors. Exact quote:

"We trust in doctors because they can provide for our bodies. But how much more should we trust in the one who created our bodies...even yours? People try to tell a lie that there are things in this life more valuable than God. Following that lie keeps us from trusting Christ alone to make us right in God's sight."

Does it even need explanation, really? Okay, so let's say God did create us (not a personal belief of mine, but whatever,) why should that mean we trust in Him to heal us? When there are mundane treatments that we KNOW will?

To summarise, because it's late and I'm not making much sense any more, this leaflet:
a) gives vague and incomprehensible advice that just sounds like repeating an indoctrinated mantra.
b) turns completely away from common sense. To quote some religious person, "logic is the enemy of faith."

I appreciate that the vast, vast majority of the religious world aren't like that....or at least aren't so forcible in making the rest of us believe it. But seriously. Blah.


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