Sunday, 28 June 2009


So here's the deal. As alot of you know, Microsoft are donating 8 meals to America's homeless people for every download of Internet Explorer 8.
(If you don't know, go to
Which is a worthy cause, ofc.
But I'm a Firefox user, in fact I love Firefox. And my wretched old computer probably will take like, an hour to download IE8.

Its a nasty tactic, isn't it? Moral blackmail, they're getting kind of desperate. That's partly why I'm hesitating about downloading it, because its like letting the baddies win in a film. If say, the Labour party (or Conservatives, BNP, Lib Dem, whatever) said HEY! We save an orphan in Africa every time you vote!
That would be slammed into the ground! If Microsoft can afford to feed homeless people, surely they should? Which proves, at least, that they don't give a damn about actually helping the people, just getting more downloads.
Gah, stupid corporate machines.

To download, or not to download?

Emma xo

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