Monday, 8 June 2009

Idiotic Goddamn Idiots

EU elections this weekend, as I'm sure most of you knew? The BNP gained 2 seats in this election, and here indeed is my rant.

Man on the telly just now, when asked why he voted BNP : "Well, they're taking all our jobs, aren't they? People can't get jobs 'cause foreigners are taking them all."

As a general rule, I fucking hate people who blame their failure on other people, other factors. Even age. The phrase "I'm only 16" makes me want to hurl. You know what? WORK HARDER. BE BETTER. Not a fucking clue, have you? You think these so called 'aliens' are being hired by workers just to spite you? No. They're being hired because a) they'll accept low pay or b) they're a better candidate.
And if you're willing to accept low pay, bad conditions, then sure, they're taking your jobs. But as it is...I bet if you were in a crap job you'd be blaming it on the immigrants too, right?
Instead of wasting your time and your vote in poisonous thoughts, why don't you better yourself? Get some new skills, buck up your ideas. Then any other candidate for a job can't beat you, regardless of race or anything else.
You want women and Jews out of their jobs too, like Hitler, is that what it is? Never forget, before WWII women hardly ever had a job. When they started working to help the war effort, men were worried they wouldn't be able to find jobs.
Have you ever been worried that all the women are taking your jobs?
As to employees hitting 'targets' regarding minority employment...bollocks. Bollocksbollocksbollocks. How often does this genuinely happen? You can bring about your own racism suit there, if you want. And what sane employee would reject a better candidate to hit a target? Is that really a company you want to be in.

Yes, I can be optimistic about the world, and yes sometimes my views are wrong. Maybe there are points for argument above (I picked out a few myself) but I like to think that maybe, just maybe, its not just the immigrant population that is pouring our country. Its fucking idiots like you that vote BNP.

End Rant.


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