Sunday, 18 March 2012


It's Mother's Day today, and for the first time in my life I've made a conscious decision to be away from home for it. I kind of feel like a terrible human being, but I've sent my mom a card and a text and a present-by-proxy and a facebook message...I'll probably ring her later too.

Because let's face it, my mom is fabulous. On a mundane note, she singlehandedly does all the housework at home, organises everything we do (my family would genuinely fall apart without her,) and on top of that still holds down a ridiculously demanding full-time job. She's also just a fantastic mom. I mean literally, I would not swap her for anyone ever no.

So...Happy Mother's Day everyone! Show your maternals some love! 

Emma x

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jessica sandoval said...

At first I thought that was JK Rowling for some reason!

(Is your mother secretly the author of the best-selling series in the world, which spawned an eight-movie franchise?)

And this is sweet :)