Monday, 25 April 2011

Putting my studies first I guess :(

HI EVERYBODY! I have sad news :( I'm leaving the blogosphere for a while...not just updating this blog but I'm changing the password to my google reader account so I can't even read or comment on everyone's blogs D: There is a very good reason for this: its name is A LEVELS and it wants to kill me. I spent last weekend in France with no internet and, even though I was on holiday, I still got LOADS more done than usual.

So I'm giving up the internet! Which is mental. But there you have it. My exams end on

JUNE 17th
Which, if all goes to plan, is when I'm coming back.

See ya later, alligators! Miss me!

Emma x

Irrelevant picture is irrelevant. Except that it's a beagle. Wearing an alligator costume. I'm sorry but what's not to love?!


Magda^_^ said...

But ok,I see.In fact I must do the same,but i just can't.Our exams end on 10th June.
I wish you the best:))

Aoife. said...

Although PERSONALLY I can not see how a couple of silly exams that get you into college or whateves could possibly be more important than the internet - I wish you luck!! Hope your exams go well :))

Jen Eat World said...

I'll miss you!!!!!! Kick butt on your exams!! :D Talk to you again on June 17th!!!!!

AuberginesAndLemons said...

I'll miss you!
Break a leg in your A levels!

Gemma said...

I will forgive you, but only because I happened to take a while off from blogging too. Plus it's only a week or so away...

Best of luck with your exams x