Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Music qui m'a changé!

Today's special segment, provisionally entitled Songs That Have Changed Or At Least Significantly Affected My Short And Mostly Irrelevant Life.

As an introduction, this was brought about by me watching an absolutely incredible Harry Potter montage vid called Marching On. It gives me genuine shivers, JUST THAT GOOD! Let me link you. Apologies if you aren't a Potterhead...actually no, no apologies, become one now pls.

Just...ach, so amazing! Whilst this song obviously hasn't changed my life, it reminds me of the moste excellente dynastie that has taken over my spare time since the dawn of the new millenium. So ta-da. Let us now delve into the past for some more significant musicas:

1) Misfit - Amy Studt

I cannot for the life of me find an actual video.

So, Emma, this isn't a great song per se...why has it changed or affected your life in a significant manner?
 Well, anonymous interviewer, here's the truth: like most, if not all teenage girls, I had an identity crisis. I didn't fit in, I was ugly, I was uncool, I spent many a night crying, I even briefly became a goth.
I listened to this song, and it told me that it was okay to feel normal. It taught me that even though  I'm a misfit...that's okay!

Also on the subject of misfits...can I get a HNGGG?

future!Simon has me quivering all over like jelly. JELLY I TELL YOU.


2) Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson

This song has about a hundred memories attatched to it. It reminds me of a specific period of time when a lot of things happened in life.

1) The initial beginnings of one of my favourite stories...I used to walk along the road imagining all the relationships between the characters and this song really symbolised the fantastic, fractured, broken relationship of my two protagonists.
2) When I first started at Tesco, my natural ridiculous anxiousness kicked in and I found myself terrified to walk into the common room. One day I literally just sat in the park (this was in November) and this song was on, and it was so cold and I was so scared of being socially retarded for the rest of my life. Only one year ago. Things have changed, seriously, and it's partly Tesco I have to thank for that...I'm so much more confident now!
3) I had a weird semi-crush on one of the guys at work at around the same time...one time this song was in my head, and he walked past, and the image has stuck in my head.

Come on get higher,
loosen my lips,
faith and desire and the
swing of your hips just
pull me down hard and
drown me in love.

The lyrics are amazing too, aren't they.

3)Everytime- Britney Spears

School disco, 2004. I'm eleven years old and I have to stick my head behind the piano in the corner to cry, because no-one asked me to dance to this song.

Okay...not a happy memory, the end of 7 years of incredible uncoolness. It's okay though because this song was running through my head that night whilst I was in bed and I realised...I was sort of okay on my own. It's an emotion that's stuck with me throughout my 17 years of singledom. It's not ideal. But it's sort of okay.

4) Old Bill Jones - Camp Hill Girls MASSIVV!1!!111!!

There is, predictably, no video for this. But it's our unofficial school song and it's fucking awesome. I hear this song and it makes me sad, because I'm leaving soon and I'm gonna miss it so hard :(

5)  Undiscovered - James Morrison

Because I'm not lost,
Not lost,
Just undiscovered.

WELL THAT'S THAT FOR NOW. Much love to you if you watched all of them. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

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