Thursday, 5 November 2009


I genuinely have nothing to say, but I realised I haven't done anything resembling a blog in a while. I'm watching Spooks on replay at the moment, it's not the same since Adam and Zaf went.
Spooks aficionados: I appreciate this was a long time ago. I watch things out of order.
On another note: GUY OF GISBURNE :O:O what's he doing in Spooks?!?
Mm, hott.

This wasn't supposed to be a drool post, let me tell you something else interesting. Buttercream makes my teeth ache.

Here we go: facebook applications. I set up a fishtank on my Happy Aquarium and NOW I feel bad for letting my fish die because they have cool names: Sonic, Otto, Tetra, DaVinci, Eureka, Boomer, Chip, and Radatad.
You want my fish.

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