Sunday, 4 October 2009

X Factorrrr :)

What, you didn't see an X Factor post coming sooner or later?
Anyway, the final 12 acts are announced and through, and for me...some of the decisions were good, some bad. More below.

Simon Cowell - Over-25s

Simon had easily the most talented category this year. Some really good acts had to get sent home, but I think he made the right decision. Although I liked TreyC Cohen, because she was from Brumtown like me :)

Danyl Johnson

Just amazing, deserves every chance he gets. Simon was right when he said his was the best first audition ever.

Jamie Afro

A legend in name and in hair. Quite similar to Danyl imo, I think Ethan should have gone through instead. But still a talent.

Olly Murs

My personal favourite. I love his moooves and his soul voice and just generally, I think he's awesome. I think he'll come 2nd.

Groups this year... weren't great. But really, they never are, are they? But my first and most HATEFUL point here.

John + Edward Grimes

HATE HATE HATE! Talentless, arrogant idiots without the brains to fill a teacup between them. If they get any further than the first week I'll cry. Hate hate hate.

Miss Frank

On the other hand, I think Miss Frank are ah-mazing! I love how they're all amazing singers in their own right, they have such a great thing and when Graziella does her little Spanish rap...WOW. I genuinely think they should win, they're my favourite and they're amazing.

Kandy Rain

Generic and won't get far. Yes, they're pretty, but limited talent. Out in the first or third week with any luck.
Firstly, I've totally warmed to Danni this series. She's so nice :)

Her girls are pretty good too. I'm sad Despina didn't get through, but the rest I think were the right decision.

Rachel Adeji

I don't like her hair, but that's a bit rude of me. Great voice, great personality.

Lucie Jones

Oh my gosh so pretty! I'm utterly jealous. Also has an amazing voice, she's not exactly different though is she? I'll be interested to see how she does with uptempo songs and dancing and things. Hopefully she'll pull it off.

Stacey Solomon

I'm withholding judgement until I see more of her. Sweet though.

Cheryl, in my humble opinion, made many BAD decisions. SEXY ETHAN?! What happened to him!? I loved him!

Daniel McElderry

Great voice, something of a personality. Might do well, but I'm not a massive fan.

Lloyd Daniels

Fit as, and only 16 which is shocking. Not as fit as Ethan, and his voice isn't very strong. Also, wearing his hat backwards?!

Anyway, I'm excited for the live series :):):)


First out: Kandy Rain
Winners: Miss Frank.


Anonymous said...

Ethan is way too overrated. Pretty face,average voice. Nothing special.
Hopefully stacey and rachel will go far.
Olly's moves are cringeworthy!!

Anonymous said...

Join if you like Stacey Solomon on the x-factor!

Anonymous said...

Join if you like Stacey Solomon on the x-factor!

Anonymous said...

The boys are all crap.
The overs are okay,except Olly. Rubbish dance moves,average voice.
Your oredicted winners wont win either.

Join if you like Stacey Solomon on the x-factor!