Monday, 10 November 2008

Why I'm useless at blog-mc-blogging.


Anyway, Clothes Show Live!

I'm going.

Except, I'm on row Z.
Squint and you might see me.

So I was thinking, today, and then I was writing. And then I was thinking some more.

That was pretty exciting.

I think I might paint my nails this evening.

Oh, the life I lead.

To be honest...I probably have homework. And if I don't, I should probably be revising.'s BORINGGGG.

And I have better things to do, like write meaningless circular blogs.

I have to give back my copy of the Merchant of Venice :,( it's my inspiration! Well. One of.

My sister made chocolate cake. Oh my god, you've never tasted anything so hot. In a non-chilli-pepper way.

To round off, rock on twiglet.

got yop?

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