Monday, 15 December 2008

CHRISTMAS wish list :)

I've been browsing again *guilty face*
So anyway, here's what I want.
I'm talking pricey.

Number one. Paul's Boutique bag. Specifically this one. My God. Isn't it beautiful?

Blue 3rd generation iPod Nano. I'm actually getting this one! Which is good timing, because I've finally run out of space on my old one :)

Union jack bag. Or...anything union jack, or should I say Union Flag? It's another bag, I know, but it's pretty!
Wishful thinking, I guess but this skirt would be SO NICE if I had the legs for it!!

I may have mentioned this one before...but its SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Anyway, Happy Christmastime everyone!! (I refuse to say christmas, it isn't christmas yet)

Emma x


also, these please :D

what, I can't have a dream??

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