Saturday, 20 August 2011

General updates and stuff!

The Big News

After results day on Thursday, I am officially going to uni! I got A* A B which is a pretty respectable score, meaning that in October I'll be heading up to York, where the geese outnumber people three to one. Which is very exciting.


Emma, where on earth have you been for the last MONTH?

(I'm really shocked it's been that long.)

Well...I went to Menorca...and France...and before that I went to Zante but I couldn't be bothered to post about it...

(This is absolutely not a bragging post)


It won't let me put them all in a row, so enjoy this jazzy layout.

Other than that, I've mostly been working (three days a week!) volunteering at my local library, pub quizzing, and enjoying the longest summer of my entire life!

Even though it's raining. that's an update. Not much of one, there's so much more! But for now, my abject apologies for being such a useless blogger.

Are you all having nice summers?


Amyrose♥Forder said...

Oh well done! What will you be studying?

Emma :) said...

Amy, English Lit :) I'm super excited!

Jen said...

English Lit!!!!! Awesome!!!!
I'm so excited for you!!! I hope you like uni!!!!

Gemma said...

Congratulations! Enjoy uni - it's AWESOME, especially if you study english ;)