Tuesday, 12 May 2009

You know you're in exam period when...

You start having freaky stress dreams.

Last night, I accidentally got onto a ship that was already sinking. And then I couldn't get out because the pressure was too great.
AND THEN I DIED. You aren't supposed to die in dreams :(

And then a cat killed a rabbit, and I scared it off, and it started talking to me blahblah and it was scary because the cat killed the rabbit. But I think the stress dream had moved on by that point seeing as it's just gibberish :)

At any rate, here I am, one GCSE down, with the next two days off. I'm going to cram for the two modules of my Computing AS level on Friday.

But back to the dreams, maybe it's because I'm getting VERY good at controlling my emotions. As in, I can control my panic and terror and whatnot and just be calm. An outlet, if you will.


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